Northern Light Church is a startup congregation on a great adventure to become the church our community needs. To do this, we pour our hearts and our energy into:

Having Fun

God made this world beautiful and worth enjoying. That’s why we believe that church doesn’t have to be boring. We laugh together during church services and regularly set aside time to have fun with kids, with adults, and as families

Making a Difference

God cares deeply about everyone. That’s why we believe in doing whatever we can to care for people, too. Sometimes, we end our church services by working together on a project that helps those in need. We’re part of God’s mission to heal a broken world.

Discovering Faith Together

God created us to connect with God and with one another. That’s why we believe in learning together and finding creative ways to deepen our faith through inspiring church services, Bible studies, and small groups that help all of us become spiritually alive.

Thanks for considering Northern Light. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to grab coffee sometime!

Cullen Tanner